AIDI Biomedical Launches 3.0 mm NanoMicro® Dental Implant to US Market

News & Updates  – PRESS RELEASE

AIDI Biomedical Launches 3.0 mm NanoMicro® Dental Implant to US Market

AIDI Biomedical. LLC, a leader in advanced dental implant systems and related dental components, is pleased to announce the availability of the 3.0mm NanoMicro® Dental Implant System.  Combining the popular features of the MultMargin® Implant design (Platform Reduction) with the unique properties of a sleek and thinner profile implant macrostructure.


Advantages of AIDI NanoMicro® Dental Implant

Manufactured in Southern California (USA), the NanoMicro® dental implant may be utilized in cases of a dental implant failure or when there is a lack of buccal plate. This option is available due to the smaller diameter platform which allows the clinician to place the implant within regions of minimum bone, such as the interradicular or palatal bones. The implication also applies to areas with minimum mesio-distal space, the mandibular anterior area, in minimum distances between two teeth and minimum distances between two roots. NanoMicro® dental implants may be placed within narrow ridges, without causing damaging buccal plates. The prevention in surgical damage is attributed to an ability to place the implant in under-prepared locations, bone only scored with pilot drill.

Another potential benefit of the NanoMicro® implant system is the option to allow a change of the implant angle. Since the macrostructure is narrow, the implant can follow the path of available bone to ensure better initial stability and a stronger placement. This concept is also why NanoMicro® dental implants allow for implant site relocation.

AIDI Biomedical continually seeks to develop comprehensive solutions to industry-wide clinical problems within dental implantology.  With the new, advanced implant systems, AIDI Biomedical provides the very best in implant stability and surgical implant rescue.  The Bioperfect® Implant Systems provide viable solutions for cases of minimum vertical bone height, tissue recession and implant exposure. 

Contact a AIDI Biomedical Sales Consultant or Support Team Member at (877)345-2434, or visit detailed  information about our products.


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